Hide From Reality LP

by Protester

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released March 23, 2017

Recorded by Ryan Abbott @ Side Two Studio in Boston, MA
Mastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studio
Additional vocals on "Mindless Acceptance" by Justin DeTorre



all rights reserved


Protester Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Dead Inside
Locked in a casket, beast in a cage
Took what you lived for and you threw it away

Blank expression, no look on your face
Defeated and dead inside at such a young age

Wasted all your fucking time defeated and you don't know why
Track Name: Fight It Off
It follows me it crawls and creeps
I watch my back I never sleep
In my head it's out for blood
No courage left but I can't run

Fight it off

It's like the knife stuck in your back
Takes it's time when it attacks
Nothing left that you can do
Don't let it get what's left of you

Fight it off

(DC Straight Edge fucking go!)

Fight it off and don't give in
Fight it off don't let it win
Kill it before it begins
Track Name: Never For Me
Alone in this world I choose my own way
Refusing to give in I'll never be the same
There's something inside that I just can't break
I'll never be a victim won't make their mistakes
Alone in the world that's the way that I'll stay
Living for myself with no excuses to make
The way things are is not for me
I'll never be a part of their majority

Nothing to prove
Living free
The way they are
Was never for me

Got nothing to fucking lose
Everything I do I choose
Won't give up and won't give in
Where your life ends mine begins
Track Name: Won't Back Down
You think that you run this town
But we don't need you around

Take your fucking bullshit and keep it to yourself
You're with us or against us we don't need your fucking help

Negative attitude
Be careful what you wish for cause today it might come true

You're out of touch and ignorant you need to get a clue
The past is fucking over no one cares you've paid your dues
You think you're above all the things we do or say
But we will never stop fighting

(DO IT!)

We won't back down 'til you're in the ground
Track Name: Mindless Acceptance
Looking for something
Pressure to fit the mold
Mindless acceptance
Sit down and do what you're told

Drinking and snorting but you still don't feel shit
Complacently faking the mold hit after hit after hit

Mindless acceptance

Broke away but you still feel the shame
Let yourself give in you take the blame
Drugs and booze that shit is not for me
Dug your grave now you can fucking see
Track Name: Can't Hang On
Made it clear where you stand
Only cause it fit your plans
Had a chance you fucking ran
You can't live up to your demands

A fucking pawn that's all you are
Can't hang on to your facade

All your lies are fake as fuck
The ones you used never stuck
A fucking leech who chooses to suck
A product of what you disgust
Track Name: Transparency
Speak your mind
It's all a pose
Soon the world will fucking know

Doing what you're fucking told
Anything to fit the mold

How the fuck can you live with yourself?
To live in your world must be living in hell
Beat down kids that stand to you
But nothing that has come out of your mouth is true
Track Name: Nothing To Me
You fucking said it
Hoped I'd regret it
You're pathetic
Searching for an answer but you'll never fucking get it

You made your bed
Lay down and die
Asked me for an answer
Well here's your fucking reply

Nothing to me is all you'll ever be

Count me out, got no time for manipulation
Same old shit, get your power from degradation
No one left looking to you for an inspiration
Changed your shape, damage is done and you can't erase it
Track Name: Cheap Disguise
Fake the truth
Twist your lies
I see right through
Your cheap disguise

You don't have the right
Where's your fucking spine?

No remorse for what you've done
You take advantage of everyone
Track Name: Hide From Reality
You say it's all you have to survive
I say you're barely alive

Hide from reality
Chained to a fantasy

You live from day to day
Straight mind living my own way

Hide from reality
Chained to a fantasy
No fucking originality
Chasing what you'll never be